Stop the Reply All and get your Team Collaborating

Email conversations or email collaboration, its taking place in your organisation right now- 100% it is. No matter whether it is discussing a project or new client, one thing is for sure, there is a lot of CC'ing or Replying All happening all day, every day. With the onslaught of internal emails bei...

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Employee Password Policy

Overview: Secure passwords are an essential aspect of IT security. A simple or insecure password can lead to a breach of the company’s data. As such, all employees and contractors who have access to...

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Top 6 new features for Microsoft Teams

Are you using Microsoft Teams to streamline communication between your employees? If you are, get ready to enjoy a more convenient workplace chat platform. Microsoft has recently announced six new features for Teams. Cortana Integration One new feature that Microsoft will bring to Teams is Cortana,...

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